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On the streets where we live and in the communities we build, local officials unite and plan to meet common goals. Creativity, civility, and innovation blend in the local laboratories where government officials strive to improve their resident’s quality of life. The 2024 Annual New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference is a Main Street for gathered local government officials, providing opportunities to share newfound and useful knowledge while building face-to-face connections in classrooms and the aisles of the exhibit hall.

The 109th Annual Conference will be held November 19-21 at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, offering an environment where local government officials and professionals can build stronger bonds with state and federal officials, and gain valuable resources during the three-day gathering of sessions, networking, and service/product highlights. A place to explore the latest developments in technology, the environment, and infrastructure while exploring budgeting, public safety, health, and the multitude of other issues that arise.

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"The League is made up of 564 laboratories, each town experimenting and trying new innovations and concepts to improve the quality of life for their residents. The Annual League Conference is the focal point to showcase achievements and share solutions to difficulties that may arise throughout the year.

-League President Bill Chegwidden

"In 2024, the League is focusing on local governments and what they need to collectively develop to advance their goals. Whether there’s a traditional downtown, city, or rural community, municipal buildings serve as a Main Street and our community centers. The work that goes on there ensures positive outcomes. We look forward to meeting in Atlantic City this November to collaborate and educate local government officials around the state.”

-League Executive Director Michael Cerra

Your Opportunity to Explore and Grow

The largest municipal gathering in the nation, the NJ League of Municipalities Annual Conference provides extensive learning opportunities, meaningful face-to-face networking, and a comprehensive showcase of the latest product innovations to New Jersey’s local government officials and professionals.


1 Atlantic City Convention Center, Atlantic City, NJ 08401