New Jersey State League of Municipalities • 107th Annual Conference
November 15-17, 2022 • Atlantic City Convention Center • #njleague

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

CEU Conference Tracking System Directions

During Conference Week: Scanning Instructions

1. Place your badge under the scanner.

2. When red light appears, place light over the QR code on your badge.

3. The scanner will make a “beep” sound–you are finished scanning. In order to receive credit, you must SCAN-IN & SCAN-OUT of each session.

After Conference: CEU Certificate Printing Instructions

1. Log in to the CEU Tracking System website:

2. Enter either your badge number or your last name and zip code.

3. When prompted, enter your license or ID number (when applicable).

4. Complete the evaluation form for each session attended by clicking “Take Eval.”

5. Once completed, hit “submit.” This will take you back to the main session page.

6. Print your certificate by hitting “Print.”

7. You have the option to “Print My Certificate” or “Email My Certificate.” Certificates may be printed more than once.

8.  After you print/email your certificate, the screen will return to the session list. If it does not, click the “View Credits” tab at the top right of your screen.

9. Follow step 4 for each session attended.

Certificates are available for printing between November 28, 2022, and May 1, 2023.

The 2021 CEU tracking system is now closed.

If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Holland-Htut at 609-695-3481, Ext. 118, or Email: