Pay Up Climate Polluters NJ

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Pay Up Climate Polluters NJ helps communities hold major oil and gas corporations accountable for the massive costs of climate change. 


As New Jersey municipalities face rising costs to protect residents and infrastructure from floods, heat waves, and other extreme weather events, a growing number are uniting behind a simple principle: the polluters who caused the problem should pay their fair share. 


Like Big Tobacco, Big Oil knew about the harmful impact of their products for decades, but lied to protect their profits. Now our communities are paying the price to clean up their mess.


Through the Leaders for Climate Accountability network, we empower officials with the knowledge and tools they need to hold climate polluters accountable.


In 2020, Hoboken became the first New Jersey municipality to file a lawsuit seeking to recover the cost of climate damages from major polluters. More than a dozen others have passed resolutions in support of holding the fossil fuel industry accountable, and the State of New Jersey filed its own climate liability lawsuit against fossil fuel companies in October.

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