New Jersey State League of Municipalities • 107th Annual Conference
November 15-17, 2022 • Atlantic City Convention Center • #njleague

Samir Nichols

Executive Director
Superior Arts Institute
1840 South Broadway
United States


Samir Nichols, 26, is the Executive Director for Superior Arts Institute, a Camden-based non profit where he works to bring awareness to community and social issues using the arts as a tool for advocacy. Prior to graduating from Creative Arts High School, his spirit for activism led him to serve as a Student School Board Representative to the Camden City School Board of Education and served as the Youth Co-Chair for the Education committee on the Mayor's Youth Council.

He founded Superior Arts Institute, with the ambitious goal of building a robust artistic and influential presence city-wide [Camden] that catered to and was representative of the individuals that comprise the city. For young Camden artists, like Nichols, who believed that art could change the world; this home would nurture the artist who recognizes that their gift of performing also bears a social responsibility. Since then, under the direction of Nichols, SAI has produced over 100 public performances with the support of Camden schools, local government and its resilient community of artists and friends. Through their art, SAI has been able to share many different stories and promote societal change in ways that move its audiences to action, spark difficult conversations, and promote self-healing.

Over the past few years he has been elected to serve in Camden city’s local elections with plans to eventually work in the White House influencing policy as it pertains to arts and culture. As a firm believer that everyone has a dream and is entitled to live out that dream, Nichols aspires to be a beacon of hope for young artistic pioneers to not only serve artistically, but civically.

Currently Samir serves as Vice Chairperson for the Camden City Arts, Cultural and Heritage Commission. Also, he serves as a commissioner on the Camden County Cultural Heritage Commission at Camden County College and is a Board member for the South Jersey Cultural Alliance.


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