New Jersey State League of Municipalities • 107th Annual Conference
November 15-17, 2022 • Atlantic City Convention Center • #njleague

David Lustberg

CEO & Managing Principal
Arterial, LLC
507 Bloomfield Ave
2nd Floor
United States


David is a Landscape Architect, Planner and Urban Designer with over 20 years of diverse professional experience. This experience ranges from street design to bicycle/pedestrian planning and redevelopment consulting. David offers his clients a unique perspective on the importance of thoughtfully planned and well-designed streets in creating sustainable cities, towns and neighborhoods. He is the founding partner of Arterial and under his leadership the firm has become recognized as a leading expert in the planning, design, and implementation of high-performance streets throughout New Jersey and New York.

David is passionate about street design and has observed and photographed the streets of hundreds of cities and towns ranging from the quaint towns of New England and the Midwest to the excitement and insanity of international cities like New Delhi and Bangkok. He is a Licensed Landscape Architect and Professional Planner and is a frequent speaker on the topic of the planning, design and implementation of High-Performance Streets.


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