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  • Booth: 2007

Vacant Property Ordinance Administration and Enforcement by Attorneys

Come to Booth 2007 to learn how MILBERG can partner with you to control blight in your community through proper and lawful VPRO administration and enforcement at no upfront cost. MILBERG is a law firm that works with local governments to properly manage and enforce Vacant and Foreclosure Property Registration Ordinances, avoiding potential legal pitfalls illustrated in McCormick 106, LLC v Community Champions Corporation dba ProChamps, et al, Sup. Ct. No. ATL-L-2311-18, where a New Jersey court held that the VPROs and property registration fees administered by a third-party vendor on behalf of two NJ townships were unlawful. As a law firm with decades of experience fighting public nuisances, MILBERG has the expertise to properly and legally administer and enforce VPROs at no upfront charge to your community. MILBERG has partnered with Clifford J. Johnson, who helped develop drafting New Jersey’s foreclosure registration statute and who is one of the country’s most experienced attorneys in the area of vacant and foreclosed property registration enforcement.