Alphonse Inserra

Section Chief, Direct Billing &
Cost Recovery, NJDEP


Graduated from Mercer County Community College, May 1987, with an Associate of Science, majored in Plant Science.
Graduated Rutgers University, Cook College, in May 1989, with a Bachelor of Science degree, majored in Wildlife Science – Resource Management.
Employed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection since January 1990. Has worked for the Site Remediation & Waste Management Program entire state career.
Began career with the Bureau of Initial Notice and Site Assessment, preparing Site Assessment Evaluations for the USEPA’s Comprehensive Environmental Responsibility and Cleanup Liability Act (CERCLA), for sites to be considered for the USEPA Superfund Program.
Transferred to the Bureau of Industrial Site Evaluation in 1991 and performed site assessments and remediations under the authority of the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) for 16 years.
Transferred to the Office of Child Care Site Assessment in 2007. This unit performed site evaluations for over 4,000 existing and new child-care centers over a five-year period, for any possible industrial operations and possible hazardous discharges and residual contamination.
Transferred to the Bureau of Enforcement for approximately a year and a half in 2012. In addition to managing Enforcement cases, the main function was to serve in the “Debt Offensive Group” (DOG), which collected over two million in unreimbursed costs and fees.
Transferred to the Office of Direct Billing and Cost Recovery, Financial Services Element of the Division of Enforcement, in 2013, and served as a Billing Supervisor in the unpaid billing unit, then as Cost Recovery Supervisor for publicly funded remediation section, and finally and currently, as Section Chief of that office.


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