Benefits of Exhibiting at the Annual Conference

After over a year of virtual meetings, municipal officials and exhibitors are anxious to network, learn, and meet face-to-face again! The 2021 NJLM Conference will provide the ideal environment to reconnect with your clients and engage with new prospects.

Additional benefits include:

1. Position your company as a thought leader and solutions provider to local municipal officials

2. In-person events are critical for generating leads, ideas, networking, and maintaining relationships

3. Sponsorship opportunities are available exclusively for exhibitors to expand your marketing outreach before, during, and after the conference

4. Exclusive access to complimentary pre and post conference delegate mailing lists for marketing

5. Municipal officials contact the League throughout the year for the list of exhibitors —be on this list

6. A vertical slice of the municipal market attends so you can reach multiple officials and department heads responsible for purchasing decisions—in one location!

7. Your municipal clients and competitors will be there!

For further information:   Exhiibit Information

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